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Jacob von Sternberg aka Anutu, is a very versatile, international artist with German American roots, known for his polytonal paintings.

Jacob von Sternberg’s artworks are bought by collectors and art investors worldwide. Jacob is a multi-award-winning artist and designer, and exhibits nationally and internationally. Publications include Vogue Germany and The Amplector Magazine. Mentorship Prof. Luigi Colani. 204 collaboration with US legend Tony Ward who honored von Sternberg's work with a photo production and two portraits of Jacob.

Jacob is represented by Yugen Art Gallery, Milan, Italy - Rudy Buhler Art - The Color Project - Modern Art Gallery, Marsaskala, Malta - TNAR, UK - et al.

Jacob’s paintings are all signed on the back side with the painting’s title, collection title, date of creation and also come with a certificate of authenticity. An additional signature in the front is always possible on request. Each painting is numbered by the artist with sales records to ensure collectors of authenticity and provenance.
Sales records are always kept private under European data protection law and are never misused or shared by the artist and representatives.

My canvases and paint are professional grade and are made using only the highest quality materials. Like all my large abstracts the canvas is painted completely for your advantage and for extra high quality aesthetics. No white canvas edges. Perfect for an exciting extra large gallery wrap piece!

Since many collectors have approached me in recent months and specifically are looking for oversized unstretched canvas art, which is completely painted in the entire width and height, I now also offer
unique abstract, oversized pieces.

Many of my collectors love to place the unstretched canvas as it is on the wall of their loft without further preparation or re-stretching on a wooden stretcher frame.

If you would like to see what any painting would look like on your wall you can send me a photograph of your living room, dinning room or wherever you would like to hang the painting and I can do a mock up for you. Just make sure that the photo has good light and is taken from a straight on viewpoint.

Paintings are signed and dated only on the back of the canvas. If you wish to have a signature on the front as well, please let me know prior to it being shipped out or pick up from the artist gallery.

With an academic background in History of Art, Physics, and Philosophy, Jacob is deeply interested in the use of art as actionable events within theories of knowledge.

Please contact me directly if you are interested in selling my work in your art gallery, in your store or using my work in a TV or movie set design. This artwork may not be reproduced in any way without written permission by Jacob Von Sternberg JVS.

If you have any questions, please let me know, I'm happy to answer them. Customer service is important to me so please let me know if there is any other way that I can assist you.

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"Infinite possibilities! Capsulated within hovers the the core of the infinite truth. Those moments that flow and vanish very fast. Without thinking, without fear of failure. Without what people might think
about the manifestation, the creation. The moment. Living with the awareness that I have done absolutely everything possible to follow my true path, to manifest my passion. Show your edges, show your passion, always."